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Stogie Joes NEVER fails! Ive recently been turned off from ordering out as I had a taste for wings one night and decided to order from my go to spot for cheesesteaks and give their wings a try. The wings looked like theyd been nibbled on... Okay, enough of that because just speaking about it brings back that awful discovery. Needless to say, I threw them out and never ordered again. Well I decided to order wings from Stogie Joes. The wings are always awesome! The appearance was decent and they were filled with flavor. No nibbles. This restaurant is clean! I used to order from Stogie Joes a lot before I moved and even while at work. Theyve always delivered not only a great presentation, but very very good food. The ribs, shrimp on a skewer, wings and the sausage bites are to die for! I highly recommend this place to anyone who has a need to order out and is iffy about cleanliness. Ive thrown out so many wings and stopped ordering from so many places because of the whole nibble appearance. Oh! I forgot to mention their meatballs! I could go on and on. Try their meatballs! Well worth the price. Stogie Joes is a trustworthy restaurant. My order was delivered well before the estimated time and fully cooked! I look forward to exploring their menu further but just cant get away from my favorite menu items...which is everything Ive tried so far... Restaurants like this are far and few in between.


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Food has arrived consistently amazing and hot, but they are slow. The stromboli was not the standard pizza turnover that most places serve and more closely resembles my grandmother's. That said it was a little on the greasy side. The chicken cutlet italian was second only to Tony Luke's, and only because of the roll. It was flavorful and delicious. The long hots were out of this world. Also, I am in total love with their hot ham and cheese sandwich. The ham is high quality baked ham, not warmed up cold cuts. The chicken parm was spot on and definitely worth an order if that's your thing. I haven't tried the pizza but that's next on my list. I obviously love this place, but I would have given it 4.5 stars if I could have due to the promptness of the delivery. Based on the food I rounded up rather than down.


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Just as good as if you walked in their doors. Tasty pizza that isn't the same boring circle or square your are used to. Pizza sauce is fantastic. It's the perfect amount of kick while still being savory and sweet. Got sausage and perppers on it. Sausage was tasty, peppers tasted seasoned which was nice, albeit the fact that I'd like a bit more for 2$ a topping. Sausage something or other appetizer was also great. Must try for anyone who like spicy sausage.


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I have never had anything from Stogie joe's that i did not really like a whole let. Their pizza is very good. I like both the crust and the gravy. The BBQ sausage bites are really good, and i order them frequently. My favorite, so far, is the linguini with crab gravy---so tasty!!!! Delivery is prompt, and the food arrives well packaged and hot.


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This place has always been solid. Always delivered earlier than the grub hub estimate. The food is very good, especially for delivery. The strombolis, pizza, roast pork, and meatballs are amazing. I live less than a mile away. Ordered from here at least 10 times now, and every time was as good as the last.

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